What is Disney's Memory Maker and Is it Worth It?

Updated: Oct 13

A PhotoPass Photographer taking a photo of a family. (📷 credit: Disney)

There are so many great photo opportunities around the Disney parks! Why not take advantage of this and get a photo package called Memory Maker! I personally love Memory Maker and can’t wait to tell you about all the benefits of adding this on to your Disney vacation!

What is Memory Maker?

When visiting the Walt Disney World Theme Parks you can purchase a photo package called Memory Maker. This gives you access to all your photos taken around the parks all for one price! It is good for the length of your stay, so you can relive memories from everyday of your trip!

What is included?

When you purchase Memory Maker, you get access to any photos & videos taken on select attractions. All pictures taken by the PhotoPass Photographers around the parks, including Zoom Photos and Magic Shots! (these are fun photos taken by photopass photographers that have had some disney magic added to them such as a character or other special effects) Just ask your photographer if they have any available!

Many times Character Dining locations will have a PhotoPass Photographer spot, where you can get professional looking photos taken with a Character. You can also find Photopass Photographers at select character meet and greets. Both of these options are currently unavailable at this time, but I will update this article when it returns!

What is the difference between Memory Maker and PhotoPass?

Memory Maker - is the photo package you are purchasing.

PhotoPass - These are the names of the photographers and photos being taken around the parks.

How much does it cost?

You can purchase Memory Maker a few different ways. I feel like the best option is to purchase it in advance! It can be added to a vacation package or purchased a la carte for the length of your vacation for $169 plus tax. To receive this advance purchase discount, you need to make sure you purchase Memory Maker at least 3-days before your trip.

Maybe you decide to add Memory Maker after your trip, or mid-way through, you can do this but you will have to pay the full price. The cost of this is $199 plus tax.

If you are looking for an option for a short trip, One Day Memory Maker may be a great option for you! This package is priced at $69 plus tax. This purchase will begin at 6:00 a.m. on the day you activate the photos until 5:59 a.m. the following day.

Who Can Use Memory Maker?

One of the major benefits of Memory Maker is that it only needs to be purchased by one person in your party! So if you are traveling with family or friends on your vacation that are on separate reservations, they can still share your Memory Maker and add their photos to your account.

Sharing plans with your friends and family in My Disney Experience

To do this you will need to make sure everyone is connected with the “My Family and Friend List” in My Disney Experience. Make sure that when the invitation is accepted, everyone clicks the box next to “My PhotoPass Photos” under your name on their list. This will allow anyone on your list to add their photos to your account with a simple tap of a MagicBand, PhotoPass Card or MagicMobile pass.

Memory Maker is available for purchase by any quest of the Walt Disney World Resort, whether you stay at a on-site Disney Resort hotel or not.

Where can I view my photos?

You will be able to view your photos in the My Disney Experience (MDE) app. They will appear on your home screen under the photo section. You can also find them by clicking the 3 lines in the right hand corner and pushing the Photos tab.

They will also be available via web browser under your My Disney Experience account and clicking My Photos.

All photos will appear with a watermark until you activate them.

Watermark on PhotoPass Photo until activated

How long do I have access to my photos?

You will have access to download your photos for 30 days from when they were taken. To gain access to your photos you will need to hit the ‘Activate Photos” button.

Tip: I like to wait to activate my photos until I return home from my trip, then I have a few extra days to be able to access my photos, edit them and put them on a flash drive.

Photo Pass Problems

Unfortunately, you may run into problems with your memory maker. If this happens you can call the PhotoPass number at (407) 560-4300 or your preferred travel agent. If this happens while you are on vacation, take a visit to guest services, as this will be the quickest solution to the problem.

Missing Photos?

Maybe someone forgot to get their band tapped, or a photo just didn’t show up. If this happens, you can call the photo pass number at (407) 560-4300 or fill out a form online at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/photopass/contact-us/. I have used the online form before and it is very easy to report a lost photo and most of the time my photos are found and added to my account.

Is it worth it?

This depends on your family and what is valuable to you! I absolutely think Memory Maker is worth it! Oftentimes we come home with 100’s of photos from our vacation! My advice is if you plan on buying 8 or more or your vacation photos then I would purchase Memory Maker. The cost of purchasing photos individually will cost around $20.95 for one 8x10 photo print or $18.95 for one-5x7 or two-4x6 photos. Remember, shipping and handling costs usually apply. And Digital Downloads will run you around the same price!

One of the best ways to get your money's worth is to make sure to stop and take the photos with the photographers around the parks and take as many as you can! Some of the more popular places may have a line, but the line will typically move quickly.

When is it not worth it?

Now, if your family isn’t really into photo spots, or if you visit often, then this may be an add-on to skip.

A Magic Shot with the whole family in one photo!

As the main photographer in my family, oftentimes I am left out of the family photos. This is a great opportunity to make sure I get family photos with the whole family! This is why Memory Maker is one of my favorite add-ons to my Walt Disney World vacations!

If you think memory maker is right for you and your family, then I highly recommend making the advance purchase and getting pictures for the length of your whole vacation as well as taking advantage of that advance discount price!

If you have any questions about Memory Maker, feel free to send me a message! Ready to get a FREE vacation quote, click here! Thanks for stopping by and as usual, I hope to see you again real soon!