Everything You Need to Know About Starbucks in Disney World

Updated: Oct 13

Even though you are visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, you still may need some of your favorite coffee, Starbucks. Now, I am not a coffee drinker (I know, I know!) so I usually go to Starbucks for the snacks, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how essential coffee can be for others! I know most Starbucks coffee fans are pretty loyal, so I’m going to cover where you can find your daily Starbucks fix in each park! Best part….you can pay using your Starbucks app! (but you can only redeem points at the Disney Springs locations)

Most Starbucks locations at Disney World serve traditional Starbucks drinks, some snacks and breakfast sandwiches, but you can also find some fun Disney themed cupcakes here! Menu items can vary by location. You can also find the Been There/You Are Here series of mugs, each park having their own version! Locations inside each park can be a little less obvious as they do not always look like traditional locations, and they have different names! So let’s get started.

Magic Kingdom

Main Street Bakery

You can find this Starbucks right down the middle of Main Street USA (I hope you sang this as you read it)…Okay not really, but kinda! It is located on the right hand side of Main Street USA about half way down. It is called the Main Street Bakery here. It can get quite busy and lines can be long, especially first thing in the morning. There is limited seating inside, but if you go outside, you can find some seats near by and have a beautiful view of the castle while sipping your morning brew.


Travelers Café

This is the new temporary location of the Starbucks in this park. With all of the park undergoing renovations, this park was without a Starbucks for a little while. Now you can find this new location next to Refreshment Port, it is on the right side of Future World, right before you reach the entrance to the Canada Pavilion. One downfall of this new location is that it is a quick service location and does not offer all the snacks and sandwiches you can find everywhere else. There is usually a display window, with a small selection of food items available to purchase. You will also find the line to be completely outside here.

Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts

You can find Creature Comforts on Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom. The best way to describe its location is to take a right towards Africa when you reach the Tree of Life. It is a stand alone location, on the right hand side. It will be after Pizziafrai and beside the First Aid and Baby Care Center. This location is like most Starbucks with drinks and snacks options.

Hollywood Studios

The Trolley Car Café

You can find The Trolley Car on the right hand side after entering the park. It is on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Ave. This is a full service Starbucks and you can find everything here as all other locations. With the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance this location has become more popular in the morning hours as people enter the park to get their boarding pass.

Disney Springs

The Marketplace and The West Side

Disney Springs has two Starbucks locations. One location is in the West Side. It is a stand alone location by Aerophile (the balloon experience) and in front of Disney Style and Star Wars: Galactic Outpost. This is a full service location.

The second location is at the Marketplace section of Disney Springs. It is between The Lego Store and World of Disney. This is also a quick service location, not offering indoor seating, but you can find some seating close by.

Disney Springs Westside Strabucks

They accept multiple payment options too! When the Disney Dining Plan returns, many items are considered Snack Credits, which can be a great use especially if you like a lot of extras in your drinks. Which also means upgrading to a Venti won’t cost extra either! They also accept Starbucks Gift Cards, Disney Gift Cards, Cash, Credit and if you are in the Disney Springs locations, rewards points. The Starbucks app works as payment as well. You are also able to earn star points at these locations, but will not earn the star dash points.

I hope I covered everything that you need to know in this article. If I have forgotten something, please feel free to add any information you have in the comments below!

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